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sterling silver paddle earrings with oxidised finish

oxidized finish

Most of the jewellery I make is oxidized. Sterling silver, bronze and copper will oxidize naturally on contact with air producing that familar dark patina which can be removed by polishing. This natural oxidation process normally takes place over a long period of time but it can be achieved instantly by using liver of sulphur. Liver of sulphur is a mixture of potassium sulphides and as the name suggests smells like rotten eggs (think stink bombs!) It works by turning sterling silver dark grey and copper  and bronze black which is then cleaned up using wire wool. Any recessed areas such as embossed designs, coils of wire or etched patterns are left darker creating a contrast in the metal and that lovely "antique" patina.



All of my sterling silver, fine silver, copper and bronze is bought from reputable UK websites. The beads and cabochons I use are from a mixture of UK and US sites.


Most of my sterling silver bangles are sent to the London Assay Office to be hallmarked as they are over the 7.78g weight threshold. My sterling silver earrings are not hallmarked as they are under the 7.78g weight threshold for hallmarking.
The graphic on the right shows the different marks and stamps applied by the assay office to precious metals.

dealers notice

how to care for your jewellery

An occasional polish with a silver polishing cloth such as Goddards, available in supermarkets, is all that is needed to keep your jewellery looking good. Copper and bronze will darken more than silver but a quick polish will bring it back to it's rich loveliness.
I suggest avoiding contact with perfume and household chemicals, bleach, chlorine and seawater as they may discolour the metal.
Do not use Silver Dip to clean your jewellery as it is likely to discolour it.

copper bangles with pattern

made to order items

Ah yes, that disappointing feeling when you find something you want to buy then realize it's "made to order". Most of my copper and bronze bangles and a couple of my lighter sterling silver bangles are made to order. I aim to get made to order items made and ready to post in 2 to 4 days. If an order is needed sooner than this please contact me and I will try my best to help.



descriptions, sizes and colours

My jewellery is described as accurately as possible in regard to size and colour. There may be slight variations in bead or enamel colours due to how different monitors display colours. Due to the nature of handmade please allow for slight variations in the appearance of my made to order items compared to their photos. 

enamelled earrings

I use vitreous enamel which is crushed coloured glass that is applied to metal and fired either in my kiln or by using a torch.
I enamel onto copper on both sides and team my enamel earrings with sterling silver or copper earwires.